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Keine Gastfamilie mehr.....

Joa was soll ich noch sagen...

Die 2. Gastfamilie hat mir heut auch abgesagt, aber so wirklich traurig bin ich deswegen nicht. Ich war mir ja eh nicht wirklich sicher ob ich zu denen wollte bzw. konnte mir nicht vorstellen 6 Monate bei denen zu verbringen. Jetzt kann ich nur noch auf eine neue Familie hoffen.

Letzte E-Mail der 2. Familie

Hi Carolin
How are you? It was great meeting you via Skype last Monday to talk about the aupair job in Australia.  Thanks for talking to us.  
We were really interested to hear all about you, your previous and current experience with looking after children and your hopes and dreams for the future.  We liked that you had a definite interest in children, that you had good experience, that you were bright and outgoing, and of course that you had a great sense of humour!  We could easily imagine you living with us.  
But, as you know, we talked to two other girls too, also from Germany.  It was a really difficult decision for us, as all of you were so amazing.  In the end, we decided on another candidate.  The only reason, really, is because the other candidate came from a family with a handicapped brother.  Because she had grown up in this situation, we thought that the other candidate might be more used to the times when there is stress in house.  As we explained to you, our little Leila also has some development delays, which can be stressful at times.  It was a difficult choice for us, because we know that you also had good experience with the handicapped boy in your job.  But we felt that the other candidate had a slightly better idea of the living issues that come with this, especially since most of the time Steve and I will be at work and you would be alone with the girls.
I am very sorry to give you this news and it is very difficult for us to tell you this.  But we wanted to tell you ourselves and to be very honest with you.
We honestly found you to be a bright, charming and intelligent young woman. We have no doubt that you will do lots of interesting things in your life.  If you do come to Australia either as an aupair or for independent travel, we would love to hear from you. You would always be welcome at our home and we would love to show you around our home city.  And we are serious about this.
I am sorry again for this disappointing news, but we do wish you all the best for your future and we hope that you find a suitable aupair family soon.
Our best regards

Meine Antwort

I’m a little bit worry about the message, but I think when you found another Au Pair with more experience it is better for you when you choose this one.
I am happy for this girl that she is having an hostfamily now. I hope you will have a good time with her.
I also hope we can keep in touch and I can visit you when I am in Australia. And I hope I have found new friends in you.